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Camos Automation Sdn Bhd provides and supply various type of construction wire mesh machine and equipment, including BRC wire mesh multi-spot welding machine, Reinforce Steel Bar Wire Mesh multi-spot welding machine and other machinery. We also provide customize machine design solutions according to the customer requirement. Besides that, we supply industrial welding robot and peripheral welding equipment such as single/dual axis welding positioner and 2D/3D welding platform. Our team has numerous years of experience in welding technology so we believe we can provide the best welding solution to you!

Camos Automation Sdn Bhd 供应各种类型的建筑丝网机械和设备包括:BRC丝网多点焊机,钢筋丝网多点焊机和其他机械。我们还可以根据客户的要求提供定制的机器设计方案。除此之外,我们还提供工业焊接机器人和周边焊接设备,如单/双轴焊接定位器,2D/3D焊接平台。我们的团队拥有多年的焊接技术经验,相信我们可以为您提供最好的焊接解决方案!

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